Created in June 2016

At Rose Park Community Childcare we believe that all children, regardless of race, gender or additional needs, have the right to a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters and sustains them to reach their full potential.

 We acknowledge Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and will celebrate and embed their cultural richness into our teaching and learning, we respectfully acknowledge the traditional lands of the Kaurna people on which RPCC stands and strive to build our knowledge of and connection with Kaurna people past and present.

 Underpinning this are the Vision, Values and Purpose as defined in the Centre’s charter and its objective to be known as a high quality care and education centre for pre-school children.


We believe that all children are competent, resourceful individuals who are capable of directing their own learning. Our children, families and educators are encouraged to take a shared responsibility in the learning journey. Therefore, we:

  • nurture children to form a sense of themselves and their belonging to the Centre and its community;
  • create caring, secure and trusting relationships between the children, families and educators;
  • recognise that children have rights and increasing responsibilities in the world around them;
  • enable children to make choices, handle stress, get organised, confront challenges and solve problems; and
  • create collaborative relationships with families and their communities to help support and develop the child’s learning journey.


We believe that the physical environment impacts significantly on each child’s capacity to learn. Therefore, we:

  • provide sustainable aesthetically pleasing child-centred environments for our children to play in and our staff to work in;
  • ensure our (and the broader) community and its cultures are represented throughout the environment;
  • provide natural play spaces that encourage imagination and exploration; and
  • value the outdoors as a rich and engaging learning environment.


At RPCC we believe that learning is a socially constructed concept and that rich, authentic play experiences are essential to this learning. We believe that a quality play-based programme has many benefits for children as it facilitates the acquisition of skills, dispositions and knowledge.

We consider children to be ‘inquirers’ who make choices, ask, investigate, think, create, reflect, participate, co-construct knowledge and collaborate with others in their learning. We see early childhood as the optimal time for supporting children to be confident and capable life-long learners. Therefore, we:

  • use play-based learning to capitalise on children’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery through hands-on exploration of the world around them;
  • provide a caring environment where children feel comfortable to take risks in their learning;
  • ensure opportunity for playing in a range of different environments including a focus on the natural environment and nature play;
  • encourage children’s curiosity and wonderment and ensure that the curriculum emerges from the children’s interests and real world happenings;
  • implement inclusive individualised programmes that support cultural diversity and children with additional needs; and
  • use the Early Years Learning Framework to guide our programme.


We believe that our educators and staff are our greatest asset and that their contribution leads to successful outcomes for children and families. Therefore, we:

  • see them as professionals with experience, knowledge and skills in pedagogy, curriculum, child development, administration and nutrition;
  • will treat them as lifelong learners and foster their professional growth and development;
  • will acknowledge and respect their various backgrounds and the values they encapsulate within the bounds of the Centre’s charter; and
  • provide a family friendly workplace aiming to support them and their families’ requirements.

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