We believe every child deserves to learn, grow and develop through trust, nurturing relationships, diverse play and quality experiences in a caring community.



Children are capable and confident learners and, in our care, will continue to learn, grow and develop by playing, interacting and experiencing joy


Children in our care are treated with empathy, nurtured and encouraged


Our families share, build relationships and contribute to our local and wider community


We respect and embrace multiculturalism, diversity, difference and fairness


Our educators aim to build genuine connections with the children, families, community and the natural environment


We are a not-for-profit community-based early childhood education and care centre offering a safe, healthy, sustainable and welcoming environment for children, families and educators. We critically reflect on our practices to ensure continuous improvement.

We support children to be confident learners and communicators through:

  • a quality care environment,
  • play-based learning experiences focusing on Nature Play and Natural resources where possible,
  • nurturing relationships, and
  • an inclusive educational programme based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

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