Rose Park Community Childcare caters for children ranging in age from 6 weeks through to when they are eligible to start school.

Our play spaces are designed to ensure that relevant provocations and learning outcomes can be achieved.

Outdoor Nature Play

In 2019 Rose Park Community Childcare redeveloped the outdoor space with a strong focus on nature play.

The aim of the build was to create a space that promotes freedom in play. Also, to recognise the many benefits of unstructured play within the natural environment, and how it contributes to a child’s learning and development. To quote Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach “beyond the wall, there is always a beyond.”

Our vision was to create a culture of learning that extends ‘’beyond’’ the classroom setting; to include both indoor and outdoor learning environments that allow children to go ‘’beyond’’ their own perceived limits in play and imagination. The concept was to be true to the Centre’s pedagogical style, that nature guides our everyday practice. To create a sense of ‘’belonging’’, as the garden represents that of a home backyard and is affectionately called ‘’grandmas garden’’ by the design team.

Rose Park CC - Balancing
Rose Park CC - Climbing Corner
Rose Park CC - Garden
Rose Park CC - Garden Chair
Rose Park CC - Water Play

Over Twos Yard

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