• The best thing about the centre is kids are allowed rather say encouraged to stay outside in natural environment as much as possible with all safety measures. This helps in building up the immunity and also brings them closer to nature. Also the educators are very well connected with each other, the way communication happens among them is fantastic and there is hardly any ambiguity.

    Bhumika's family
  • Very appreciative of all you do! I am so thankful to have found Rose Park Community Childcare. It was such a breath of fresh air to have found a centre that has sustainability at its core. The physical setting, and outdoor space encourages exploration and creativity, whilst the warmth and authenticity of the educators can be felt during every visit. Along with the value of sustainability, I greatly appreciate the multicultural representation among the educators and resources available. I see the importance of the centre in creating a RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan), but more impressive is the energy invested into actioning ideas and enabling young people to learn and be part of the journey. RPCC have been incredibly supportive in the transition into care for my daughter. Their flexibility and understanding have enabled this transition to be smooth and positive for all involved. Thanks again for all that you do.  

    Frankie’s family
  • When we first got pregnant, we were told that we had to put our names down in various childcare centres to be able to get our son in when was old enough. Not knowing what to expect, we enrolled him at Rose Park, the first centre to accept our application. Only later, through friends who had their (mostly younger) children at different centres, did we realise how lucky we have been to have gotten our son into the best centre we could've imagined. The loving and caring staff, the great facilities of indoor/outdoor/nature play spaces, and more. Even after we moved to a different suburb where we now have a childcare centre 5 walking minutes from our house, we never remotely considered moving our son out of the Rose Park Community Childcare centre.  

    Benji's family
  • Both of our children attend Rose Park Community Childcare. They love their time spent playing in the outdoor area and sandpit, cooking in the mud kitchen and chatting with the chooks. We have always felt at home there. The educators are warm and welcoming and it’s clear they truly care about building connections with children and families. The sense of community is really strong. We look forward to receiving the daily learning journey, filled with photos and stories of the days happenings. It has become part of our nightly ritual to look at the pictures together and talk about the day. We love that the educators draw on the individual child’s interests in order to inspire and guide them through play. For example, I had mentioned that we had made baked banana custard at home and that my daughter was “helping” by eating all the banana slices out the bottom of the ramekins. So the next day they set her up a mud kitchen so she could “cook” again. The photos capture her delight and intrigue and truly warmed my heart. Fostering this type of continuity between home and care is what makes this place so special.

    Hugh and Sophie's family
  • Rose Park Community Childcare is like a second home for my little one. The educators go above and beyond to make our family feel welcomed and valued - from the big planned events, including an array of multicultural, community & social justice initiatives & activities… to the little details, such as remembering his favourite pastimes and preferences (thank you for all the digger-discussions, mini excursions to see the latest neighbourhood building site and for allowing the ‘Bob the Builder’ theme song to be played on repeat). The care and thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

    Felix M's family
  • We are so happy with Gideon’s care and learning at RPCC. The educators have formed caring and genuine connections with him. We greatly value the energy and thought that goes into creating spaces and activities led by the children’s current interests. We enjoy catching up about the day at pick up and really appreciate all the details provided in the daily learning journeys. The environment is joyful, inclusive, empowering and encourages kindness, curiosity and creativity. Such a special place!

    Gideon's Family
  • Rosepark childcare and the staff are open, friendly and very considerate to the parents and our thoughts.  The outdoor area there is perfect for our energetic son to run around and explore.  Whether by being a palaeontologist, monster truck driver or just wanting to get muddy, he is able to with his daily decisions.  It took my partner and I a couple weeks to figure out which daycare and we are glad we went with Rosepark. Huge thank you to the staff for being accommodating, having moved from Germany to Australia with no family and friends (yet!).

    Noam's family
  • We absolutely love RPCC and are thrilled with the passion of the educators and the gorgeous, natural outdoors environment especially. Inside is great too with a real feeling of the "home". We have been so impressed with the centre's implementation of Reggio Emilio learning philosophy and fully appreciate how much effort the educators put into identifying individual children's interests, and then setting up provocations accordingly. We also love the emphasis put on inclusivity and multicultural experiences for the children. All in all, RPCC does an absolutely fantastic job and we wouldn't have our beautiful cherub anywhere else. Big shout out to Kylie and Sarah here!!!

    Bailey’s family
  • It has been a delight to watch my son flourish under the nurturing and supportive care of the RPCC staff over the past 2.5 years. In each room, the teachers are enthusiastic and warm, and really get to know each child as an individual. The centre handles room transitions and developmental changes in a sensitive and attuned way. Communication with parents is excellent. The environment has enabled my son to confidently explore, take risks and learn about his world in a safe & supported space. He has developed lovely friendships with several peers. Thank you RPCC for the positive impact you continue to have on our lives!

  • We send both our children to Rose Park CC (10 month old boy and 3 year old girl) and are delighted with the highly personalised, structured and inclusive environment. Each carer takes a particular interest in each child's abilities, their learning styles and personalities. They also communicate daily activities and observations verbally, through photos and written journals. Our children's qualities have been enhanced and they are constantly challenged, which has been fantastic for their development. All staff are incredibly kind and caring. We are very happy with RPCC.

    Kristin and James
  • My family and I moved from Tasmania to Adelaide in at the beginning of 2021 and our son and daughter had to start day care - I was extremely anxious about finding the right centre for them as neither had been in care/looked after by anyone else. I felt listened to when I expressed my concerns to room leaders and felt reassured straight away that my children would be safe and supported. I love the centres philosophy and vision, that they are environmentally friendly and communicate change quickly. I have seen so much growth in my children and I believe this has developed through trust and the nurturing relationships they have built with their carers. It took my children a little bit of time to settle in with so much change for them and a big move but drop offs are now smooth and I have always been welcomed to call or email if I wanted. I love to see what they get up to in their daily journals , the photos and information are so great and allow me to engage with my children about what they have been up to. I am so thankful for each staff member who play a role in making my children so happy.


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