Rose Park Community Childcare caters for children ranging in age from 6 weeks through to when they are eligible to start school.

Our play spaces are designed to ensure that relevant provocations and learning outcomes can be achieved.

The Under Two Environment (Kuula)

The Under Two environment cater for a maximum of 20 children with a ratio of 1 educator to 4 children. There are generally 5 educators in this environment on any day.

Following our nature pedagogy, the children spend the majority of their play time in the outdoors, in cases of extreme weather the children are offered inside/outside play in our sheltered patio area and indoors. The indoor area is used as a sleep and meal room, and we often have picnics for afternoon tea.

The Under Two environment pedagogy follows the elements of the Reggio Emilio approach as we view each individual child as capable and confident learners. The children are given autonomy and voice to make decisions when it comes to their play and daily routines.

Rose Park CC Baby Room with Window
Rose Park CC Baby Room Mat and Dolls

Wallaby Room (Wadlha)

The Wallaby Room is a vibrant caring and warm environment that caters for children that are 2 years of age. We have approximately 15 children each day. Our ratio is one educator to five children, which includes an Early Childhood Teacher.

We encourage children’s learning and development through play-based inquiry. This enables them to explore their creativity, imagination and curiosity. Through play they have the opportunity to experiment, discover and problem solve. During play we encourage children to communicate and express their thoughts with both the educators and their peers.

This learning facilitates children to feel connected to their local community while being able to explore and contribute to their wider world. This helps the children to develop their sense of identity and a strong sense of well being.

Kangaroo Room (Tarnta)

The Kangaroo Room is the learning space for children from when they turn 3 until they start reception. There is a ratio of one educator to every 11 children.

The Kangaroo’s Program uses the Emergent Curriculum model, in line with the EYLF, and is carefully designed by a registered Early Childhood Teacher to meet the needs of each child. There is a strong focus on Growth Mindset, social and emotional literacy, and the development of dispositions for learning. We aim to develop a lifelong love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

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